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Frédéric Fontenoy’s slit scan photography series Metamorphose. It’s beautiful in the most eerie way. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

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Jeff Elrod.

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Vincent Pécoil - Symmetry (2006)

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Jean-Simon Berthelemy

Reclining Bacchante Playing the Symbols


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Portraits, 2013 | by Miss Bean
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bobbie burgers

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 anna verlet shelton || Portland 

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Elena Chernyshova - Awaiting Movement 

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Salomé (1909). Paul Antoine de la Boulaye (French, 1849-1926). Oil on canvas.

The Dance of the Seven Veils is one of the elaborations on the biblical tale of the execution of John the Baptist. The purpose of the dance has been desribed as being to inflame King Herod with incestuous desire so that he would grant Salomé her wish for the head of the Baptist.

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